Mehrnaz (Naz) Mohseni


Hi my name is Mehrnaz Mohseni, but you can call me Naz.

Born in England, I spent summers in Iran and had moved to the United States by 11. I was raised in a house of science. My father was an aeronautical engineer, my sisters geneticists. It was expected that my days looking through a microscope would result in a life of science. However, my head was always in the clouds and I spent my days contemplating the “what ifs” of life and nature.

As a designer, my love is the science of experimentation. I hypothesize, research, make, and remake, throwing myself into the process, never afraid when things go awry. Whether I’m making bacterial growths to create a new organic material or innovating sustainable manufacturing systems for green tech projects, I want to integrate the technology of nature with the technology of life. I value the potential of the world on a microscopic level and see how it can integrate and improve the modern world.