Content Guide

Welcome and congratulations! This page is a simple outline for your profile content.

1. Your name as you would like it to appear.

First-Name Last/family-Name

2. Three projects from your time at Art Center. One image each. Size the images to 800pixels wide, maximum 600pixels tall.

3. One image that best represents your process. This image can be research, sketches or mock-ups. Size the image to 800pixels wide, maximum 600pixels tall.

3a. Any embeddable videos or media (optional). This means any Vimeo, YouTube or web based videos you may have produced or want to produce for your profile page.

Design for Life | Episode 5 from designforlife on Vimeo.


4. Statement about who you are as a designer. In 150-300 words describe your unique viewpoint and contribution to the design community.

5. One high quality photo of yourself. 300 pixels wide, landscape or portrait.

Contact Graduate

6. Your LinkedIn and/or Coroflot profile. We will not be listing email addresses. This is to avoid email harvesting by spam programs. Your LinkedIn or Coroflot will be how potential employers will contact you.

7. Your website address (if you have one).


8. List any professional work experience. This included jobs, internships, freelance work, volunteer work, research and education. Use the following format:

Company, Organization

Job Title

Month Year – Month Year (January 2009 – April 2009)


Awards and Publications

9. Any awards or publications you have received. Use the following format for awards:



Organization, Competition

In recognition of (name of project)

Date Awarded

Student Gallery

Art Center Student Gallery

Project title 1

Project title 2

Project title 3


Title of Source, Magazine, Website, Blog, etc… (include link if it is online)

Article/Blog Title

Date or Volume of publication

Core Strengths

10. Three core strengths (1-2 words). Make them short and to the point. This site offers a way to search graduates by core strengths so don’t make them long or ambiguous. And don’t be afraid to use a common core strengths. You may get more interest on a popular strength.

Remember, a strength is a noun. So if you can plug you core strength into the sentence “My ____ is one of my best assets” and the sentences is still grammatically correct, then you should use it.

Class Photo

The home page features a photo of the graduating class, or an image that best describes the class. Try something unexpected for a group photo. This image will be the “first read” on this website. How can this image spark interest?

File Formats

Images need to be .jpg or .png. Indicate desired sequence in file name. Example: JSmith01.png, JSmith02.png…

Please submit the text information via the editable PDF provided.

Uploading Content has a Drop Box account you can use to upload content. Go to

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Locate the current term’s folder.

Create a new folder.

Title your folder with your first and last name.

We’re using the honor system here. Please don’t change any account settings or go into other student folders. Thank you!

How to use this site

Once your profile has been created you can copy the link found in the address bar of the browser and post it in emails, social network sites, and design blogs. Your address is yours from here on out and is unique.


Questions or Comments

If you have any questions email admin – at – accdproductgrads dot com. Remember, this site is another way for you to connect with potential employers. If you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this better, do not hesitate to contact the administrator and Fridolin Beisert.

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