Daniel T Yorba


My design philosophy revolves around a flexible design process that has pre-defined steps that can be rearranged, modified, or by-passed to better suit a solution. I find the flexibility helpful when working with a vast array of product categories. As a designer, I tend to be a contrarian, wanting to find unique insights that allow for starkly different products; however, it is most important to not only innovate but to ad value to products for both the client and the consumer. Finding that value can be difficult but this is where having a designated road map to the design process can be valuable. Building in tests and ballances along the way to a concept can mean the difference between a success and a failure. These tests can be helpfull reguardless of the product or innovation. A good design stands up to healthy debate and critisism. I believe that design is for a reason. Without reason, a design quickly loses context and connection with the client and user. Weather we are talking about a form language or a feature every aspect must see the light of day and be spoken for. Design process and theory asside, perhaps the most important aspect to product development is teamwork. No one designs in a bubble and is successfull. I find that the best team projects are ones that are not just a sum of individually worked parts, but the product of a single vision brought to reality by like-minded collaborators.