Tatsuro Ushiyama


My mission as a designer is to contribute to our society, by helping people achieve a better and happier lifestyle through compelling design solutions. The three essential components that will help me accomplish this goal are, a well-defined research and design process, strategic thinking, and the ability to tell a story. In my opinion, the ability to communicate, either verbally or visually, is the most important asset for a designer to have. The second most important trait, in my opinion, is the ability to think and design strategically. The INSEAD exchange program I took part in opened my mind to a totally new perspective in strategic design thinking, where every stage of the process, from research, team dynamic, environment, problem-finding, solutions, and application, were key to the success of the project. The last component, I believe, in creating a successful product solution, is to never be afraid of having a sense of humor!

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    Office Stationery Design Competition in Japan
    Special Award 2005

    Office Stationery Design Competition in Japan
    First Prize 2004

    Art Center Gallery Selections
    Push Toy
    Beach Lantern
    Stylist Bag
    Kinetic Camera
    PF Flyers footwear

    Art Center Scholarship
    2006 Fall-Continuing to Graduation

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