Timothy Ng


To me, being able to design is being able to craft interactive stories and experiences. Whether that story is a simple and short interaction between a person with an eating utensil or creating a global scale information system, being able to craft particular interactions within that experience will leave memories and impressions on people forever. As a designer, my passion is creating unique and memorable user experiences. When approaching a design, I look at what are the current offerings, how are they supposed to be used, and how do people actually use them. The part that truly fascinates me is looking at how a person interacts with objects and its environment. To see how they manipulate things to better suit them either through function, cultural practices, or even just aesthetics, makes me question why they performed that particular action. For me it is these interactions that build the story on how a design should be created to be used by people. I hope that I will be able to create meaningful and memorable designs that can create user experiences that are truly helpful and will help drive forward the interaction between people and the everyday objects that the use.