Arthur Leung


What is design? That was the question I found myself asking after coming into Art Center College of Design as a product design student. While I, as an engineer, had preconceptions about what design was, my understanding of it has evolved throughout my experience in Art Center and INSEAD. Initially, it began with designing beautiful yet functional objects. But as my journey progressed, I found myself spending more and time identifying problems and realizing the power of design thinking.

As I grew as a designer, I started to realize that my responsibility as a designer is to improve the quality of life and my personal philosophy is to “re-think” and “re-imagine”. “Re-think” is about thinking about the problems that we have overlooked and “re-imagine” is about imagining how we can do something that we have been accustomed to in a better way. For me, I enjoy living and I want to use design to re-imagine and re-think the living experience. In order to accomplish this, incorporate all the engineering, business and design knowledge I know and design concepts based around these knowledge. This way, I know I can be creative and at the same time have business/system concepts that are realistic and sustainable.