Cathy Chen


Design a timeless product is a dream and goal for each designer, but I found that often time, what people need is more than just a physical object - they need a complete system of service that fulfill their needs in other aspects.

I recently got a call from my mother in Taiwan; she made this call to ask me how to open the browser in her computer and how to go from page A to page B. Weeks after, I got her first email ever after I move to the state for 15 years: she's not yet 60, and is smart enough to remember all the numbers she has, and her busy schedules with her retail shop.

What makes her not picking up the computers? Why she changed her mid? Other than designing a "senior computer", is there anything else could be done? More human and more chances to interact with others? Is there a easier way for her to contact me while I am on the road, is there a way to make her feel less intimidating to use technologies?

I seek for the solutions from observing the social phenomenon and finding the cause for the effects. I come up with solutions from connecting the underlying relationships by research from business, science, technology and psychology to help me to connect the missing dots.

This is Me.