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I believe in challenging the status quo, and I believe in thinking differently. I do this by utilizing creative strategies such as going beyond the obvious, and tapping into deeper meanings which tend to reframe the original problem. In doing so, I find that I stumble upon solutions that would have greater value for not only the user, but I think for business as well. I like to approach design similar to the way a photographer works painstakingly to find the most appropriate view of the story he or she wants to tell. To me it’s about finding the right perspective, and the right lens to communicate effectively. I look in multiple perspectives, asking questions along the way to finally be able to stop and shoot the best picture or idea. I find that I usually work within a general framework, however I stay completely flexible and adaptable to best suit the needs of the design. I intentionally design with no one particular style or singular story. I believe business and users needs would be compromised in this way, for the ego of the designer. Although confident, I know how to check my ego at the door. In this way, I tend to find solutions that resonate and connect with people on a deeper, more emotional level. This is what good design does in my opinion, it doesn’t just stop with increasing company profits, more importantly, it reaches the users hearts and minds building a lasting relationship. I tend to enjoy designing with a sense of playfulness, simplicity, and expression. I favor work which is highly socially relevant, simplified, and connects emotionally.

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    Custom Leather Craft
    Freelance Consultant
    January - February 2011

    Avery Dennison
    Sponsored Project
    Teachers Assistant
    September - December 2010

    Johnson & Johnson
    Design Storm Consultant
    March 2010

    Adidas Advanced Innovation Team
    Design Storm Consultant
    September 2009

    Sponsored Project
    September - December 2009

    Sponsored Project
    January - April 2009

    Black & Decker BDHHI
    Industrial Design Intern
    September - December 2008

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    National Deans List, Art Center Catalog

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