Jacqueline Black


I am excited to be embarking on a career doing what I love. Which is to say, spending time with people to see beyond just what they say they need, imagining new possibilities for the future and making them real, laying the groundwork for responsible growth to sustain generations to come and creating the means for human connection.

It can be easy to say that design is just about problem-solving, taking on a challenge and finding the right solution. But in today's world, that approach seems very limited in scope. Now, sometimes the biggest challenge may lie in the notion that your "design solution" might not yield any physical product at all. I love that strategy, services and digital interaction are rapidly becoming par for the course in a designer's repertoire, because they provide us with more tools to create not just a good design, but a good experience. Stepping out into my design career, I look forward to the challenges that await me and hope that my designs will bring help, happiness, surprise and delight.