John Phillips


As a diverse discipline, Design has the power to alter appearance, facilitate communication, fulfill material needs, innovate systems, and ultimately improve social, organizational, and cultural experiences. Part of the beauty of Design is this ability to affect change at any level. It is this very diversity that solidified my career path, and keeping this perspective is something I try to stay highly conscious of no matter the scope or complexity of a project.

For me, Design at it's very core is all about access. Whether the challenge is a more robust understanding of a complex concept or data set, creating a more intuitive physical interaction with a product, or providing a systemic innovation for providing clean water to those in need, the universal goal is access. Design offers this like no other field because it's both an approach almost philosophical in nature as well as a process. No matter what the situation it is a process, and the application of this process to meet goals on such a wide range of levels is what draws me to Design. Parallel to the core skill set I developed throughout my Industrial Design studies at Art Center, it was understanding this potential that not only kept me interested, but increasingly inspired me. As my realization of Design's influential power grew, so evolved my personal interest for where I want to be in that space. This is certainly not to say my interests are no longer diverse, however. I find my own ideal balance between pure form/function exploration in such areas as furniture design and consumer durables, mixed with problem solving at a higher level that focuses on strategy, branding, design research, and trend analysis.