Johnson Wei-Chien Hung


My initial step in creating anything. When I am inspired, a deep sense of creativity is evoked. I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities, what might be, and what could be. Almost simultaneously, my sense of imagination kicks in.

My mind is in a dizzying state of ideas. Some new, some good, some crazy, but at this point, any idea is worthwhile. It’s hard to say what I will eventually come up with but I do have plenty of thoughts to choose from.

Finally. Time to create something that will help someone, a situation, or solve a problem in some way. Decisions have to be made and something great might come out of it.

As an enthusiastic new designer, I plan to use inspiration, to spark my imagination, and help me create designs that are innovative, and of course fun. Because sometimes simply solving problems isn’t enough, it’s enjoying the ride.