Mark Huang


I strive to create solutions with context that enhance the consumer experience.

I believe the value of design is creating solutions with context and relevance to people, organizations, culture and our environment. The visualization of ideas is a key step in making ideas tangible, and actionable.

Before studying design I took courses in art and mechanical engineering. Learning from both fields informs my design process, as I approach a problem from multiple perspectives before a direction or solution of best fit is selected to develop further and refine.

Collaboration is a very important part of the design process. Group dialog and brainstorming increase the potential for new ideas and opportunities. I believe in getting response from real people who use the products, to challenge or inform a design direction.

As a former competitive cyclist, I became aware of the close connection between products, equipment and user experience. My goal is to contribute to projects where design not only adds aesthetic, but functional and contextual value for an improved experience.