James Yoo


Be a doer, not a talker. This statement changed my life as a designer. Though I knew I always had a strong passion for product design, I started off my undergraduate career thinking that I would pursue a concentration in economics. However, I eventually came to realize that I could no longer ignore this true passion of mine. Therefore, I am now on the path that wants to be on and stand today a “doer,” actively pursuing my goals and dreams.

Given my personal love for athletics, I am particularly interested in designing sporting gear, specifically for extreme sports. What excites me most about extreme sports is the rush of adrenaline that comes from partaking in such risky behavior, but sometimes those risks can lead to severe injuries and accidents. Therefore, my goal is to come up with better design that will limit and hopefully prevent further injuries and problems. In creating such a product, I hope to infuse and maximize safety, functioning, and aesthetics.

In the design industry, becoming an active doer requires an individual to express his/her interest thoroughly and to incorporate all aspects of his/her personal life into his work. By doing so, it gives a meaningful story to each successful design. Therefore, I hope to use my personal experiences to create a story for my designs so that consumers can be intrigued by my work and personally relate to it. Therefore, one of my other strength is to fulfill and create a story for my designs, which my design to be amused, intrigued, and leave a pleasant memory to every individual.

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    The Lens Work
    Product Design Intern
    Burbank, CA, August 2009 - December 2009

    Greentek 21
    Package design, developed brand strategy

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    International Design Excellence Awards
    Bronze recipient, Remax snowboard boots, 2010

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