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Question everything, an object should never be limited by its present look or functions. I design through this perspective, I question everything to generate original ideas and innovations. The ability to think beyond what is common comes in part from my fine art background. Within this artistic environment I had the freedom to be imaginative and practiced unconventional thinking, which has given me the ability to be such a creative designer. The ability to ideate comes effortlessly to me, but the understanding of which ideas have merit comes from my strategic thinking and in depth research. I am enthusiastic to create novel objects that have purpose and a reason to exist, as well as have an innate passion for the design and innovation of new products. My joy and energy is always apparent through the playfulness I incorporate within my designs. From children toys to adult consumer products, I always consider the use and experience the product provides. Questioning everything to lead to new ways of how the object is used or played with.

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    Radio Flyer: Derby
    Mubster Paddle Game
    RC Tank

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