Xun Ye


I am very glad that I chose to be an industrial designer. I don’t believe that there is any other job for me that is as fulfilling as it is lucrative.

I am Chinese and was born in China in the 1980’s. I have seen China’s fast development and have seen how it has affected its people’s lives. There are so many new products that come out at every moment. From necessities to luxuries, these products often serve as symbols of eras in people’s memories. Design to me is firstly a method— a method that encourages people to fall in love with their lives. And then design is a container— a designer puts something in it and then hands it to users to put their personal stories in. The essence and value of a product is not manifested until designers entrust it to its users.

The design that I want to do is not just for fulfilling market needs, but also to delight, inspire, and resonate with people. I believe that design cannot always solve all user problems, but a good designer will accept this challenge and make all possible efforts to improve lives in small steps. To me, this is simultaneously design’s biggest challenge as well as its greatest attraction.

So here I am, with all I have learned, holding all I have prepared, ready to start the next new journey.

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    Internship, 2010

    Four Month internship, 2008

    Sponsor project, 2009

  • Awards and Publications

    Third Place in the National Music Box Design Competition 2005-2006

    The University Scholarship for two consecutive years 2005

    Received the national patent for Air Conditioning Cap 2004

    The First Prize Winner in the CCTV “Fantastic” TV show for the Rocket work 2004

    Six projects selected for Art Center Gallery

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