Angie Park


There is a direct correlation between who we are as human beings and the quality of designers we become. The choices that we make as designers shape and sculpt the future. What is it that we envision and what story are we trying tell?

Designers create connections. Designers visualize the bigger picture. We empower communities and continue to build upon it. Our indispensability springs from our passion and our empathy. It springs from taking risks and responsibilities that challenge the status quo.

In the end, design is all about attitude. Design is about the way we perceive the world around us, the connections we make with one another, and the unwavering belief that it will lead to extraordinary results. This, is the story.

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    Johnson & Johnson: Cross-Sector Innovation & Design
    Junior Design Researcher
    (January 2011-April 2011)

    Johnson & Johnson: Cross-Sector Innovation & Design
    Design Research Intern
    (September 2010-December 2010)

    Colors Materials Trends
    Exploration Laboratory
    Lab Assistant

    Design Storm Participant

    Disney Consumer Product
    Design Storm Participant

    Product Design for the Developing World, Caltech
    Product Designer

    Urbn, Inc.
    Visual Coordinator

    Magic Rabbit Theater Company
    Lodestone Theater Company
    Stage Designer

  • Awards and Publications

    ‘Opportunity Green Conference’ Participant
    Hearst Foundation Scholarship Recipient
    Caltech, ME-105, Grant Recipient

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