Jaewoo Kim


My goal as a creative is to immerse myself in collaborative environments and experiences that inspire and change the lives of everyone involved. A collaborative environment to me is deeper than just working together to reach a common goal. In every collaboration there is bound to be walls. You aren’t doing things yourself and for yourself anymore. You are working as a team, and everyone has their own story, their own bumps in the road. I want to be the catalyst that breakdown the walls that people have. Only when we have broken down our walls, can we expect to change the lives of the people we design for.

Creating life changing experiences is the reason why I hunger for interface and user experience design. I’ve always been passionate for consumer electronics, technology, and interface. So, getting hooked on user experience design was inevitable for me. With the knowledge of technology I have and the education in product design and user understanding I gained from Art Center, I believe I am well-equipped to change people’s lives and breakdown their walls. I believe it is critical to understand exactly who the users are, their story, both emotionally and physically.

My “Classroom Experience” project aims to change the lives of elementary students who find school and learning to be boring and difficult into an immersive experience. With this, parents will one day hear their kids say, “Mommy, I love school. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I learned so much today while having fun!” Going to school and learning is a collaborative experience not just for the students, but for the teachers and parents as well. My project changes the lives of all three of these users.

I apply the same values to all my projects: Identify the users, identify their walls, and break down their walls with life changing experiences. Get a preview of my process and approach on my website: imajaenation.com