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As we step into the 21st century, I believe that the designer's role is becoming more crucial in the culture of our society. We must balance the rapid acceleration of new technologies with the rapid degradation of our environment. This challenge is an empowering force of motivation for me because designers have the ability to influence culture, create awareness, improve communities, and change consumer behaviors.

I dove into the realm of product design after going through half of an illustration curriculum. My paint strokes on canvas became clusters of mind maps on paper and ‘what-ifs’ on sticky notes. I was compelled to make a difference in people's lives. This interdisciplinary experience has given me a unique perspective and versatile approach on design. Intuitively embedded into my design thinking is an emphasis on visual storytelling and a lust for imaginative and playful solutions. I also tend to design contextually and holistically in order to create a more wholesome interactive user experience.  My design values come from a plethora of extracurricular activities, personal interests, and pastimes. From a very early age, I learned to value community service and education. At Art Center, I realized the importance of sustainability in design practices and became pro-active in campus initiatives.

I like to think that the process of designing a product, service, or system is like an expedition. Embarking on a collaborative journey, finding a problem, discovering new insights, and exploring opportunities is what I enjoy the most. These collaborative experiences have influenced the designer that I’ve become today. My passion lies in designing educational tools and toys for children. In the future, our children and be affected by the benefits and consequences of what we design today. Nevertheless, with all consumer segments, meaningful and responsible design can create a positive impact on humanity and the environment.

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    Nestlé / Art Center Research Lab
    Research Assistant

    Art Center College of Design
    Sustainability Intern & Website Content Developer

    Art Center College of Design
    Design for Sustainability 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant

    Color, Materials, Trends Exploration Lab
    Laboratory Assistant

    Avery Dennison, Disney Consumer Products, U.S.G.S.
    Art Center DesignStorm Participant

    Ubiqi Inc.
    Co-Founder & Design Consultant

    MBA Exchange Program

    Art Center: EcoCouncil Student Organization

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    California Higher Education Sustainability Conference
    Keynote Speaker

    Art Center College of Design
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