Jihye Lee


I believe the power of design runs far deeper than aesthetics; it is creating new brands, interacting with people in depth by understanding and fulfilling their needs. It is defining customer experiences. It is changing business practices.

Having a mechanical engineer as a father has greatly effected my perspective on Product Design. When I was little, my dad told me that good design does not always mean inventing new things. It can be as simple as a pencil with an eraser on top. The key to the good design is in interacting with people. The designer's job is to understand and fulfill people's needs. Through my dad, I have learned that finding the right solution is easier than pursuing that solution to make it work in business. Often, designers end up compromising the right solution in favor of what's cheaper, but cheaper isn't always what's best. I believe the designer should not compromise over the quality instead, we should find way to make it work in business. This process might not be easy, but it is crucial.

I want to be a designer who has the courage to find best solution for the people and the businesses. That is why I am very interested in manufacturing process that enables solutions to come to life. As a creative leader, I sometimes will not have answers at the beginning; however I will not give up on finding the right answer. Then, I know for sure I will find the right answer.

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    Burbank, CA
    Experience Design Center Design Intern
    Winter-Spring 2011

    Munchkin, Inc.
    North Hills, CA,
    Product development Intern
    Spring-Summer 2010

    Green Belt Cafe
    Los Angels, CA
    Freelance, Menu design

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