Jinwoo Kim


As far as I can recall, as a young boy, I always liked to interact with the product around me. I remember being constantly curious in a way that I always wanted to find out each products function and how I can use it differently. It wasn't long until my interest in product ultimately summoned my interest in drawing. Walking toward the end of my high school years, where I was deciding what to do with my future, my friend introduced me to the field of industrial design. Industrial design fulfilled both passions that I have; products and drawing. As my interest in drawing grew, my perspective in design grew along with it. I began looking into the things differently and asked how? and why? more often.

Throughout my travels experiencing with design and drawing processes, I begin to understand that design, simply, is to enhance user's lifestyle. It shouldn't only be all about pretty looking but to actually influence lifestyle of users and making their life easier. To achieve that, it requires creative intuition with multiple aspects of the product itself. This is what I try to achieve as a designer. Not only making new creative products but also making products that make user's life better.

Striving to become a great designer myself, I place great value in the design process. My process starts by looking at the big picture of the concept that inspired me. From there I gradually develop and narrow down into big, sharp, and refined idea that gradually leads me to my own unique creative design. Another important aspect of design is that most projects have to be collaborated with people from different fields. This allows me to open my mind and absorb different perspectives in material design. It brings great pleasure and joy to live and breathe my passion in the art of design.

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    Nestlé Sponsored Trans-disciplinary Studio

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    "Flameingo" sustainable fire extinguisher
    Featured in Opportunity
    Green Conference 2010
    IDEA awards finalist, 2010

    Art Center Gallery selections
    "Aqui" water park safety device
    "Flameingo" sustainable fire extinguisher
    "Thea" Philips mood enhancer
    Gillette men"s grooming product

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