Ju Lim


I am known as the “Energizer bunny”. A nickname I got from my friends who have worked with me before. I’m full of energy when I’m working on my projects. I don’t like to give up easily when I believe in myself. There will be times when I need to rest, but I’ll be full of energy once I’m recharged.

The recharging moments are when I take a step back, look at myself, and listen to people. Occasionally, I like to take these kinds of moments to make the right decisions. One of the most important tasks I like to take in my design is to talk, watch, and listen to other people. Design is for people, so as a designer I need to listen to their needs, talk about their wants and watch their lifestyle to design a product. With these insights, I strive to translate those observations into my work.

I believe that actions speak louder than words. I’m a young designer, full of energy like an energizer bunny, which never stops.