Sayan Dehghan


Till the age of fifteen I was living as a tomboy! Not because I wanted to be a boy or act like one, but it was the only way I could bypass the limitations set upon me. I was born and raised in Iran, an Islamic country where there were many restrictions put on women. As a child I couldn’t understand or accept the gender based limitations and expectations forced on me. I wasn’t able to fight the strict government rules, so I took an alternative approach in order to gain my freedom. By doing so I was also able to spend a lot of time in an industrial environment.  I would often go to my dads metal forming factory and explore the machines and production methods. This is where my passion for design began and grew.  I remember machines producing parts faster than I could count. The main agenda here was “How many parts per minute?” 

However, now with the concept of sustainability in mind and my field experience I have a different outlook for my future. I want to use my design skills where it is really needed. I hope to move away from the mass production of non-essentials and allow the opportunity for the forgotten hand crafted products to flourish.  I would also like to focus on advancing methods of rapid-prototyping, as a low run manufacturing method. 

Through experience I've become a risk taker. As a person I’m curious and challenges motivate me. As a designer, I seek for the right problem, or cause of a behavior. I see problem solving like a game of connecting the dots, and the dots are knowledge and information. There is always a lead somewhere; we just need to find the right dot(s).

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    Design Studio Nuovo
    Industrial Design Intern
    Los Angeles, CA, 2010- 2011

    Wonka, Nestlé
    Designstorm Participant
    Burbank , CA spring 2011

    Black and Decker HHI
    Industrial Design Intern
    Lake Forest, CA Spring 2010

    Art Center College of Design
    CMTEL Lab Assistant
    Pasadena, CA, 2008-2009

  • Awards and Publications

    Trophy design chosen for 2009 Car Classic
    Low production of 15 produced

    Wonka, Nestlé 2010
    Group project was purchased by Nestle.

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