Sujin Hwang


I am thinking Sujin. I am thinking how to make positive waves around the world. I believe that my positive attitude is not the same as an optimistic perspective. I am more logically positive. I look for reasons, so I can understand the background better, and then I find benefits or solutions actively rather than just waiting for something good to happen.

I also like to think from an unusual point of view. While I worked on my stroller project, I put myself in the perspective of a baby stroller. -- As a baby stroller, I felt sad because I was used only for few years, the most important years for an entire family. I hug the baby longer than any other family members, and afterwards, I left the family as my role was done. How loyal I am. -- Through my project, I wanted to delay the stroller's retirement and keep it connected with its family emotionally. This was the foundation to have a transformable concept for baby strollers. Sometimes even unrelated, stupid, or ironic imaginations inspire me to see a hidden opportunity.

The feeling of achievement is the strongest motivation to execute my ideas. Facing difficulties brings me excitement because I know that I will grow up through those challenges. Having problems makes me believe that I am on the right path. What fires my passion as a designer is that I can visualize my thoughts and test them through tangible objects. Whether the idea works or not, I am going to be closer to the solution. I believe there are no real failures. Failing is just one process to achieve a triumph.

We know that four-leaf clovers symbolize luck. We wish to find and have this luck among typical clovers. Through my design, I will represent the forth leaf as a way to delight people and make them believe that they are special. I can not wait to see how our world and our people will react to my design.