Yanin Alexa Kramsky


I believe that industrial designers have a central role to play in the creation of products, systems, and services that not only meet needs, but encourage cross-cultural empathy and push society forward. We are uniquely equipped to translate complex problems into easily communicable forms and to address global concerns with elegance and sophistication.

I am a melding of a curious explorer, problem solver with open heart and mind, and a designer dissatisfied with the status quo. As a first-generation immigrant within the United States, I learned to value resourcefulness and diligence from a young age. While growing up, exposure to the diversity prevalent within Los Angeles and the specificity of issues confronted by local communities largely shaped my interests and personal politics. Experiencing the inadequacy of the educational and healthcare systems honed my passion for socially relevant work.

Throughout my academic career at Art Center, a non-traditional path through Illustration, Fine Art and New Media Design coupled with a deep involvement in campus activism ultimately led me to Product Design. Throughout my journey, I learned the importance of using resources intelligently and efficiently and came to understand the capacity and relevance of design decisions. My approach is grounded in thoroughly understanding the fundamental structures and global contexts through which I design. Consequently, my enthusiasm for risk and challenge is rooted in the extent and depth of this discovery process. If design professionals work responsibly and pro-actively, I believe that we can broaden the common understanding and scope of a designer’s role within society.

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    Art Center/Nestlé Research Lab
    Research Assistant

    Colors Materials Trends
    Exploration Laboratory
    Lab Assistant

    Advanced Product Design 3
    Design for Sustainability
    Teaching Assistant

    Art Center Sustainability Intern
    Content Developer

    Student Organization

    Art Center Sponsored Projects
    NOAA/Aquarium of the Pacific
    United Nations Population Fund
    MPALA Community Trust

    Project H: LA Chapter
    Industrial Designer

    Clinton Global Initiative University
    ATHGO International Global Forum

    First Sustainability Summer School
    Jüchen, Germany

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    California Higher Education
    Sustainability Conference
    Keynote Speaker

    Opportunity Green Conference
    Work Exhibited

    NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab
    Work Exhibited

    CNN International
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    Winner of Art Director’s Club Silver Cube
Winner of Corbis Creativity for Social Justice Award

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    Parson’s Journal of Design Strategies
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    Nomination for INDEX Award
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    Art Center Student
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