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I grew up with my parents working separately in the U.S. and Asia. The few days a year that my family reunited became precious memories that held us together until the next time.  Even with the amount of photos we took at the lake, the memories were more powerful when I can pick up the fishing poles we used and experience it again.  These few days a year defined me as a person and as a designer. 

I strive to create products that act as templates for user experience, allowing those who interact with them to imprint them with their own memories and stories. In the same way a photograph evokes an emotional response or allows someone to relive a moment in time, I believe a thoughtful product experience can be an even more powerful than a physical snapshot of a story.

My focus is to move beyond creating "things", but instead, to create emotional artifacts that have the power and sensitivity to capture those three precious days a year.

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    Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California

    Design Consultant
    Invitational Design Fête Competition, L’Oreal (10.11)

    Lead Student Instructor
    Nestlé Executive Education Project (09.11)

    School-wide Weekly Concept Help, Fridolin Beisert (09.10 - 12.10)

    Student Instructor
    Creative Strategies, Fridolin Beisert (09.10 - 12.10)

    Design Consultant
    Avery Dennison 3-day Invitational Designstorm (03.10)

    Student Instructor
    Product 1, Norm Schureman (01.10 - 04.10)

    Student Instructor
    Product 2, Fridolin Beisert (05.09 - 08.09)

    Nokia Research Center
    Santa Monica, California (01.11 - 04.11)
    Conceptual Product Design Intern Developed advance product usage scenarios with hardware engineers. Produced working prototypes for software development.

    Eleven Inc
    Long Beach, California (09.10 - 11.10)
    Product Designer Delivered packaging concepts for advanced agricultural produce company Famgro.

    Nonobject Inc
    Palo Alto, California (05.10 - 09.10)
    Product Design Intern Developed product & packaging concepts for Good Cook, HopeLab and BrightSign, execution 2d to 3d in Solidworks. Communicated directly with clients for future & on-going projects.

    A Little Spark
    San Jose, California (09.02 - 06.05)
    Volunteer Art Director Prepared art projects for under-privileged children at the San Jose Family Shelter. Organized & fund-raised for cost of materials.

  • Awards and Publications

    Great Teachers Scholarship (01.10 - present)

    Toyota Motor Corp Endowed Scholarship (04.09 - present)

    Art Center College of Design Scholarship (04.09 - present)

    Strother MacMinn Endowed Scholarship (09.10 - 08.11)

    Art Center Dean’s List (01.09 - 04.09) (09.10 - 12.10)

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