Dami Han


A delightful and heartwarming design has the power to make changes. If someone asks me why I chose to become a designer, I can say that the world changes when a designer touches others’ hearts. I always try to look for what people want and what they struggle for, and that becomes a starting point to think about how to improve their lives. Every time I listen to the real story of people, their true needs inspire me with the greatest empathy.

Age and health became one of my design focuses. I consider a wide spectrum of generations and try to find their specific needs for healthier and richer lives. My childhood memory of living with my grand parents strongly affects how I think about older generations and inspires me to become a bridge to communicate across generations.

I am inquisitive about where the world is moving towards and how people will live with the changes. I, as a creative leader, always dig deep into the questions of mundane life to find a solution. I believe that a good design is not just pretty, but sculptured throughout the deep understanding and insights of what people want.

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    Product Design Intern
    Philips Design, Hong Kong, 2011
    Headphone design, Market & Trend research, Color & Material exploration, Fit test, Presentation preparation

    Korea Copyright Commission, Seoul, Korea, 2010
    Copyright campaign support and plan, Email template design

    Student Designer
    Sponsored by Designmatters, Art Center, Pasadena, 2010
    Aging Desires, Design for Transition

  • Awards and Publications

    Car Styling Magazine #159
    GiG, Snowboard Helmet

    Designmatters, Vive, Aging Desire,
    Tama University & Art Center Student Exchange Program

    Art Center Scholarship, 2007-2008
    Art Center Scholarship, 2011-Present
    Art Center Dean's List, Fall 2009

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