Peter Nordell


I think of myself as a “method designer.” As with “method acting,” I prefer to draw upon external factors, and internalize those thoughts and emotions in order to exist within each design experience. With this I can develop a rich understanding of where the true design opportunities are. Whether I am designing a product, a space, or an installation, I like to feel as if I have lived each of my designs.

Coming from a fine art and sculpture background, I am eager to put ideas into full scale and three dimensions, making mock-ups and exploring scale, proportion and form. Developing narratives and design drivers are other key areas of interest.

Growing up playing competitive hockey most of my life, I understand how a close-knit team can achieve much more than a team full of individuals. Team members always play an integral role in my design methodology. One of the things I look forward to most after leaving school is to be part of a design team.