Shushuo Wu


As a designer, I see myself as an interpreter. I filter information from research, add my own perspective on trends, and use my imagination to translate possibilities into opportunities. And what matters to me most is how I elevate and create an alternate future.

In my design journey, I constantly switch in between two different mindsets. One is free and wild and always tries to connect odd elements and to see things in a metaphorical way, such as combining a vacuum with a guitar, so musicians can have the cleaning done without extra time and efforts. The other side of me is formal and analytical and seeks answers by researching, experimenting, debating and communicating to the question: What are the options to create a rich life experience? For example, I designed a system with all the sound speakers connected to internet, controlled by telecom technology. Whether we go mobile or sit indoors, we won’tneed a music player anymore in the future. The benefit of my design process with these two mindsets is that I have the chance to review myself on what I really think the future should be and can come up with original ideas without being limited by outside influences.

My purpose in design is not just to provide functionally better solutions but to multiply the flavors of life. Just like cosplay (”costume play”), I make the costumes and people get the chance to experience the fantasy. This is why I enjoy being a designer.