Brandon Lowry Wickstrom


Fundamentally, I believe industrial design holds the powerful keys to provide fuel and ingenuity to be used for equalizing every single human and their communities found around the planet.

In our modern day, designers possess the unique opportunity to set the stage for the longevity of humans as well as the planet and all inhabitants. We must start at zero by making broader strokes in our communities; demand a higher level of proactivity, both consciously and subconsciously through design and sustainable efforts.

I am just happy to be here; at the tipping point of this exciting moment in the world of design. Include everyone. This is the dawn of a design revolution. 

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    Niagara Conservation
    Product Development & Life Cycle Analysis Consultant
    April 2011 - Present
    Irvine, CA

    PSDesign Graphics Consortium
    Lead Web & Graphics Designer
    January 2003 - June 2008
    San Francisco, CA

    SaamThing (p. Humunculus)
    Graphic Design Intern
    February 2001 - July 2001
    Venice, CA

    TWBA Chiat\Day
    Graphic Design Intern
    May 2001 - July 2001
    Los Angeles, CA

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