Florence Jo


I think as a designer, it’s important to have people skills. For me, that means being a person who can pull an all nighter to do the work of the group so the rest of the group can finish their other finals. It means providing for my mother and sister by working 20 hours a week while also being a full-time student. From these experiences, I have learned that integrity, grit, honesty and being down-to-earth are the very things that have defined me as a person and as a designer. It also means I can help others around me without having to sacrifice my own responsibilities.

Though my focus as a designer is on user-centric design, I will always strive to be someone who has integrity, grit, and is down to earth.

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    Art Center Advanced Product 3 class
    Teaching Assistant
    January 2013 - April 2013
    Pasadena, California

    HCT Packaging Inc
    Design Intern
    August 2012 - January 2013
    Santa Monica, California

    Art Center College of Design Alumni Relations
    Student Worker
    July 2012 - Present
    Pasadena, California

    Art Center College of Design Quiksilver TDS
    Teaching Assistant
    May 2012 - August 2012
    Pasadena, California

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