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My qualities as a designer have been shaped by a background that begins with special effects prosthetics and progresses onto fine art, marketing and mobile content, with a whole lot of traveling along the way. Those experiences in multiple industries influence how I approach design, design strategy and research today. I trust that my process of understanding target users and involving them in co-creation will produce the most valuable solutions.

Choosing to go back to school to study industrial design after I had already established my career was risky and scary at the time. However design has taken me all over the world and shown me its richness and I am more passionate about it than ever.

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    Suncoast Studios
    June 2012 - September 2012
    Commerce, California

    Orange 22
    April 2012 - June 2012
    Culver City, California
    Creative Services Producer
    March 2007 - June 2009
    Beverly Hills, California

    Fox Mobile Entertainment
    Technical Coordinator
    November 2006 - March 2007
    Beverly Hills, California

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    Safe Agua Peru - Caja Del Tesoro
    S Bed
    Ego Corner Chair


    Spark! Finalist
    Spark Design Awards
    In recognition of Safe Agua Peru

    26th INSEAD Business Venture Competition Finalist
    INSEAD Maag International Centre for Entrepreneurship
    In recognition of Mbrace
    November 2013

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