Danny Ta-Chin Lin

Danny Lin sizzle reel 2013 from Danny Lin on Vimeo.


When I was a kid, I enjoyed disassembling things around me, even though I couldn’t always put back what I took apart. This eagerness to know why and how things work is in my core. I got my first LEGO kit when I was around nine years old and this further fueled my curiosity. The magic of building things became an essential role in my journey.

Building things is not the only passion for me. In my previous study in Taiwan, math and physics were my strongest subjects. Figuring out the questions as well as the solutions was very satisfying to me. I was finally able to put back what I took apart.

Now, I am not only satisfied to create, but to bring new ideas that amaze people. I deliver useful and functional cutting-edge solutions. I am Danny Lin.