Devin Tsung-En Huang

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As a creative who loves to explore, play, and design, I am a passionate, adventurous, and conscientious designer with a diverse cultural background as well as various technical expertises.

Design is an integral part of my life; I play with my food, explore all kinds of subjects through my travels, and curate everything around me with my design processes and sensibility. Something I would do to learn new dishes is to research 5+ recipes of the same dish, make and taste-test each one of them and then create my own variations using sometimes very Asian influences, other times European techniques. Similarly, I explore CMF for products in the same fashion, develop concepts through creative strategies, and validate prototypes with rigorous iterative processes.

Through my many travels in Asia, Central & North America, and Europe, I have immersed myself in very diverse cultures, seen how people live their lives and use their products, and learned how different cultures have tremendous potential to cross-pollinate. I have also seen social injustices and poverty that have yet to be resolved. In order to create comprehensive and viable solutions that could enhance experiences with lasting values, I enjoy and excel in collaborating with various stakeholders and experts of diverse backgrounds. Being a designer, I want to better the lives of people, bring joy to their lives by designing conscientious products and experiences with them.

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    Studio Suppanen
    Designer (internship)
    November 2012 - April 2013
    Helsinki, Finland

    Junior Designer (internship)
    September 2011 - December 2011
    Thousand Oaks, USA

    Yanko Design
    Product Designer (Freelance)
    September 2011 - Present
    New York, USA

    BC Cancer Research Center
    Laboratory Assistant (internship)
    June 2005 - September 2005
    Vancouver, Canada

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