Wilson Reniers


I have lived a lot of life. I have climbed mountains in East Africa, rehabilitated labor housing in Mexico and timber-framed in Hawaii. I spent three months in the wilderness when I was in college, and it changed me. I learned exactly what a human needs to survive, and what impact they leave behind. When I returned, all I could see was the collective impact we, as a species, are having on this planet.

Having spent years in the construction industry building custom homes, I realized that no matter how much I changed my practices, I was only reducing my personal impact. I needed to find a way to reduce our collective impact.

My solution was found in Industrial Design. This was a way for me to help change the value structure of our society. By applying principled decision-making to mass production, I am able to make the most rapid reduction in resource depletion and environmental degradation.

With the arrival of my daughter Evie, my conscience is being tested; I need to make this a better world for her.

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    Boombang, Inc.
    Executive Assistant / Design Intern
    September 2012 - March 2013
    Culver City, California

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    Student Gallery
    Beyond - Sustainable Packaging Solution
    Air Chief - Three-wheeled Formula RC Car

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