Hugo Pilate


There is nothing more magical than to see algorithms unfold, strangers collaborate, thoughts come to life and life to come to thoughts.

Design has allowed me to create tools and develop habits for myself and others that allow us to both inquire, to poke around, and to make any possible insight that manifests itself actionable.

This requires asking the right questions at the right time, rapid prototyping, inventive role playing— while making sure everyone involved has room to express themselves. Above all it requires gallons of collaboration.

“Don’t make things, make things happen.”

(paraphrased from Kenya Hara)

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    Spectoccular Labs LLC.
    Freelance consultant
    December 2013 - April 2014
    Pomona, California

    Freelance designer
    January 2014 - March 2014
    Pasadena, California

    Workshop designer
    January 2013 - July 2013
    Paris, France

    Art Center DIY CLUB
    Activity coordinator
    September 2013 - August 2014
    Pasadena, California

  • Awards

    Maker Faire Bay Area Maker
    Maker Faire
    In recognition of Tables and Paddles
    May 2014

    Spark Design Pre-Selection
    Spark Design
    In recognition of Windforms
    January 2013

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