Dominique YC Liu


Other than graduating from Art Center, one of my most important days in my life came when I was pursuing an architecture degree in Taipei: my professor failed me. Things had come easy to me before then. I had taken my path for granted. I thought that was what I was suppose to do, and had never challenged myself to see what I truly wanted to do. The failure opened doors for me, brought me to the US where I found my passion for product design at the end of a long journey.

I appreciate in both life and design where there is a cause and effect; things that I have to work for. I believe that failure comes when you are not challenged enough. This type of engagement brings a deep discovery in people of all ages, and results in a sense of enlightenment. I want people to engage to experience. I want them to have a journey with the product like I have had a journey through life. My life lesson has help shaped how I think of myself, my work, and how I approach design challenges.