Ji Sang Park


Hi, my name is Ji Sang Park and I go by Bob. I am an innovative problem solver, designer, artist, peacemaker, good friend and son who is interested in new technologies, trends and people. I pay attention to everything around me. I think deeply, sketch constantly and am forever curious. I love a good challenge. Give me an issue, give me an hour and I will have your solution. Let’s make great changes together.

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    Thrive Design LLC
    Industrial Design Intern
    January 2014 - April 2014
    Atlanta, GA

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    Plus Motion Golf Trolley
    Butterfly Table Tennis Paddles


    Finalist - special selection
    In recognition of Solar Winter Box
    Fall 2014

    Selected work featured in LG OLED Catalogue
    LG OLED Lighting Design Competition
    In recognition of Sail Light
    Fall 2013

    Finalist - special selection
    NefsKitchen Design Competition
    In recognition of Isola
    Fall 2012

    Finalist - special selection
    FilsSpeaker Design Competition
    In recognition of Sound Satellite
    Spring 2012

    Core Strengths

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