Alain Tsai


I am Alain Tsai, born in US but spent my early childhood in Taiwan before returning to the US. I am a multidisciplinary designer who is passionate about making an impact on people’s lives by using design thinking to create opportunities for diverse populations. Through my collaboration with both UCLA and CalTech, I was able to make a difference locally and globally within the healthcare industry. Working side-by-side with engineers, marketing and software teams, business professionals and global leaders, I am the bridge between inspired ideas and practical solutions.

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    RealPage Inc
    UXUI Designer
    October 2015 - Present
    Dallas, TX

    Razor LLC
    Product Design Intern
    September 2012 - December 2012
    Cerritos, CA

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    Terrasea- Wetsuit for Scuba Diving
    Window Farm- Urban Farming System
    Bird Watcher- Bird Observation Kit for Children
    Comfit- Crutch Design
    Wings- Remote Controlled Car


    Touches of home help Venice clinic put young patients at ease
    Venice Family Clinic Redesign & Expansion
    LA Times: Functional Design
    July 27, 2015

    Design Thinking In Healthcare: One Step At A Time
    Venice Family Clinic Redesign & Expansion
    Forbes: Design Thinking In Healthcare
    May 23, 2014

    Aiming High
    Comfit- Crutch Design
    Metropolis: Aiming High
    June, 2013

    Core Strengths

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