Dailyn Kim

Apollo, Future of Intimacy from Dailyn Kim on Vimeo.


I was born in Seoul and raised in Indonesia in a diverse community of more than 300 ethnic groups and multiple artistic perspectives. Each piece of art and its artist has a different story: where they came from, what they’ve experienced, and their unique point of view. This has always fueled my curiosity and my analytical approach to understanding deeper values.

I love to prove that design can make things better. By observing real world problems, I ask questions: where the problem comes from, why people suffer from it, and how design can make an impact. Through trend and field research, I am able to analyze behaviors and cultural perspectives to resourcefully identify the opportunity. Considering these unique points of view through interviews and observation, I communicate my ideas through sketching, rendering, and storyboarding. I believe through curiosity and deeply understanding one's story, I can connect with people emotionally and create a greater impact through my design work.