Jeremy D’Ambrosio


I grew up in a small town of Pennsylvania surrounded by country land.

I can remember from when I was young, riding my Grandfather’s Farmall tractor. I had a fascination with wanting to understand how It worked; I wanted to take it apart and examine every piece. I grew on those interests and in time built many exciting machines by myself in my father’s garage. I knew my purpose was in creating and I wanted to have a hand in designing functional products.

With this, I decided I’d journey to California and study at Art Center. While I entered as a transportation designer with a passion for mobility, I later made the decision to move into product design where I could exercise my functional understanding more efficiently.

During this transition, I experienced hardships in life that forced me to grow up fairly quickly and understand that our time here can be cruelly short. The loss of a family member and as well, a close friend urged me to shift my passion towards designing products that support others in enjoyment, exploring the ways we are entertained.

Our well-being is fostered by the ability to have fun; so I use function and process to provide those types of products to everyone.

My fulfillment in design comes from people’s want for play.

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    Hot Wheels – Track and Playsets Design
    June 2016 - September 2016
    El Segundo, CA

    GarageStar Inc.
    Performance Products Design
    November 2015 - Current
    Sacramento, CA

    Graphic Design for Apparel and Packaging
    January 2014 - June 2014
    Baldwin Park, CA

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    PARABOMBER – Powersports trike for Disabled Riders


    The Automotive Lifestyle in High Culture
    Talaris – Performance Adventure Footwear, Rapid Prototype Process
    December 2015

    Eternal Combustion
    Personal Modified Vehicle
    November 2014

    Carve the Canyon, Stir the Soul
    Personal Modified Vehicle
    May 2014

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