Bernard Mitchell


I was the kid who took everything apart and had to look inside. My curiosity got me into trouble and it still does. I am a quiet nomad whose heart lives in the mountains. I like taking risks, always seek adventure, and enjoy getting dirty.

I am a maker and creator who loves design, whether it is furniture and lighting, industrial design, or architecture. I am deeply passionate about the earth and its life and the importance of its preservation for future generations. I wish to collaborate with nature and not just take from it. I love to snowboard, mountain bike, and dance.

I am a critical thinker who is interested in the intersection of art and design. When I design, I first consider the impact of the materials being used and how the object can be made sustainably. I build a framework around the best possible outcomes that consider human factors, design thinking, and the environment. I am driven to be part of the solution, not the problem.

My partner, fellow designer and graduate Krista, and I, now excitedly leap out of the Art Center nest into the world of design with the launch of our own studio Wewerke Design. This will be a coming together of our different approaches and common value systems to bring change to our world.

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    ArtCenter College of Design
    Teaching Assistant Visual Communication 4
    January 2016 - April 2016

    Barn Barn
    May2015 - August 2015
    British Columbia Canada

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    Rio Games Olympic Torch
    Schmitt Mars Exploration Tool


    Honourable Mention
    2016 Denhart Sustainability Scholarship Prize
    In recognition of Anoscape Landscaping Products
    March 2016

    Bright Award Scholarship
    In recognition of Anoscape Landscaping Products
    December 2015

    Bronze Spark Award
    Spark Awards
    In recognition of Rio Olympic Games Torch concept

    Runner Up Sephora Sharpener Contest
    In recognition of Eyeliner Sharpener

    Core Strengths

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