Cheng-Fu Hsieh


Hi, I am Cheng-Fu Hsieh.
Coming from Taipei, I was raised in a family in the interior design field. I started as a furniture designer while attending an Industrial Design program in Seattle. However, I wanted to make more of an impact in people’s lives. This brought me to Art Center. I enjoy every step of the design process; from research to discovering new insights, turning problems into opportunities, making and testing prototypes, and executing the final design. I love solving problems. Working in a team dynamic and hearing others’ opinions keeps me inspired and pushes me in new directions. I love to be proven wrong, so I can continue to grow as a designer.

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    Industrial Design intern
    September 2016 - December 2016
    San Jose, CA

    Bluefish Concepts
    Industrial Design intern
    May 2015 - Sep 2015
    Los Angeles, CA


    Art Institute of Seattle
    Seattle, WA
    Bachelor of Science , Industrial design (furniture design), 2012

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    Student Gallery


    IDEA Finalist
    In recognition of AURA
    May 2016

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