Mia Eum


Raised by my grandmother, I relished our shopping trips around town that allowed us to escape the less than desirable part of LA where we lived. During these excursions, she would thoroughly narrate her purchasing decisions based on the item’s function, value, and how it might make our (or her) life easier. I realized early on, products were reflective of people’s personalities and lifestyles. You are what you buy.

It’s not surprising today that I have become a CMF designer: I love all the material samples, the nitpicking between varying shades of gray, translating subtle nuances and projecting distinct personas onto one base product.

My aesthetic obsession with material exploration, color application, fabric tactility and a savvy understanding of tastes and trends is what allows me to transform a product you simply like, into a product you can’t live without. I always felt this as a kid, but now I’m sure as a CMF designer, that the way a product looks and feels is what captivates people and makes them want to bring it home to live happily ever after.