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Hey guys I’m Nico Ramirez. I grew up in the land of storytellers. South America is a land where hyperbole is the norm and there’s a thin distinction between dreams and reality. Unfortunately, it is also a place where poverty and inequality are predominant. At a young age, I had the drive to create change and to solve the complex problems that existed. My childhood in Peru has shaped the way I design.

I think of myself as an immersive designer. I love the entire process - the curiosity, the avid learning, the making, the business. Regardless of the medium or challenge, I’m always grateful to work with a dynamic team. Whether I’m learning from engineers at JPL on how to develop a new helmet for Mars, creating new business models with MBA students in Singapore, or imagining the future of artificial intelligence at Microsoft, I will always find a way to bring my creative vision to life. My childlike wonder is now fueled by this eclectic mix and has empowered me to be the change I seek.

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    UX Designer 1
    April 2018 - NA
    Redmond, Washington

    UX Designer Intern
    May 2017 - July 2017
    Redmond, Washington

    GoPro Inc
    Industrial Design Intern
    May 2017 - September 2017
    San Mateo, California


    ArtCenter College Of Design
    DesignMatters, Minor, December 2017

    INSEAD Business School
    Certification, MBA Study Abroad, Spring 2016

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    HERMES Mars Helmet


    Student Participant
    Encuentro Internacional de Diseño FORMA 2017 - Havana, Cuba
    In recognition of Fresh Eyes Cuba
    June 07 - June 09 2017


    ArtCenter's Fresh Eyes Cuba Studio Exhibition
    Fresh Eyes Cuba
    Impact Design Hub - Fresh Eyes Cuba
    December 1 2016

    Vlog Fresh Eyes Cuba: Nicolas Ramirez
    Fresh Eyes Cuba - Retro
    Fresh Eyes Cuba - Student Retrospective
    June 22 2017

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