Chris Yoon



My name is Chris Yoon, and I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I grew up as a sports freak as a kid in Toronto, involved in various organized team sports such as hockey, baseball, and soccer. This lead to finding my passion in collecting sneakers through my teenage years, which guided me in choosing footwear design as my career path.

Team sports have taught me to become a natural team player as well as someone who understands the culture, mindset, and needs of the athletes. This enables me to push concepts to the boundary where they can break traditions to deliver solutions to the issues that actually matter to the users. On the other hand, sneaker collecting has given me a better understanding of market trends and consumers of lifestyle footwear, allowing me to design lifestyle footwear that provides stylistic satisfaction to various audiences with different tastes and demands.

My end goal is to become a footwear designer who addresses the needs of the users by combining my skill sets as a designer and my experience of being a long time athlete and consumer.