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How’s it going. My name is Karim Merchant. I’m half Cuban, half Indian, a mix of Muslim and Catholic faiths and raised in sunny California.

I have always had a mixture of diverse interests and curiosities. As far as I remember, I’ve enjoyed frankensteining things together and inventing objects that had yet to existed.

Today I’m equally inspired to make. Be it music, food, homebrews or products, I immerse myself in creative pursuit. I believe personal experience drives critical innovation and by stepping in others' shoes, I gain a deep understanding of their culture and their needs. I create multiple prototypes, testing how people interact with my designs on both functional and aesthetic levels. This need to dive deep and refine is fueled by my desire to find tangible solutions that are impactful in a very human way.

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    Integrity Fasteners
    Accounts payable / receivable clerk
    2009 - 2015
    Orange, CA

    Integrity Fasteners
    Quality Control / Shipping
    2005 - 2009
    Orange, CA

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    Reset knee rehabilitation system
    Interaction for Designers: How to Make Things People Love by Brian Boyl
    December 2018

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