Miguel Parres



I became a designer because of my father. When I was growing he’d point things out and talk about the design character of everyday products around us. This focus really made me inquisitive about how everything is made. I grew up with the unusual awareness that design is everywhere. I was attracted to product design because it’s about more than just the physical appearance of an object; I’m driven to make products easier to use. While I’m designing, I’m not afraid to experiment, not afraid to fail. My motto is: “No failures, only prototypes”.

I want to work to contribute to solving the unique challenges that that automotive mobility faces. I’m especially interested in designing for an autonomous future. Autonomous mobility allows me to reframe the cabin experiences through color and material design, focusing on details of this new living space. Like my dad, I want to be an advocate for the importance of design. I want to apply my attention to the details of everyday objects to envision a better future and experiences.