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Hi there, I am Wenzhou Liang!
Growing up north of Beijing, I was an athletic kid that loved to run in the snow, build slides out of ice and make weapons for epic snowball fights. I was influenced by my parents, who are both engineers, to bring logic to my creative ideas. Product design is the balance between the two.
I want to design for an active lifestyle, blending technology with soft goods. From research and development to CMF and final model, I want to solve problems that will improve athletic performance, enhance comfort and look super cool. I want to design innovative products that will encourage people to get out there and be more active. Thank you.

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    StreetScooter China
    Industrial Design Intern
    Sept. 2018 - Dec. 2018
    Beijing, China

    Art Tech Corp
    Tech Support
    Jun. 2010 - Feb. 2013
    El Monte, California

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    Student Gallery
    Hydro by Gatorade Package Design
    Reset Post-Surgery Smart Knee Brace System


    Reset Post-Surgery Knee Brace System
    Interaction for Designers
    April 2019

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