Chance Noble


Hey, my name’s Chance Noble. I believe that Quakers are from the future. Like them, following inward guidance is a foundational tool that I believe is necessary to preserve authenticity in our actions. Dominant narratives of the nature of things have been oversimplified, polished and neatly packaged for marketability at the expense of truth. I’m here to make a mess of that.

I am interested in creating and restoring cultural diversions in a world that is seduced to assimilate to the values of global trade and technological determinism. I want to help facilitate the growth of cultures that preserve the natural world and cherish what’s right in front of us. By creating opportunities for meaningful labor, utilizing waste material and focusing on community building, I want to show what it means to reclaim our individual experiences on this earth.

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    Product Management Intern
    Scotts Valley, CA - 9/2017 -12/2017

    Bell Helmets Industrial
    Design Intern
    Scotts Valley, CA - 3/2017 - 8/2017

    Hunter Cycles
    Manufacturing Assistant
    Davenport, CA - 4/2017 - 12/2017

    ArtCenter College of Design
    Sustainable Design Teacher Assistant
    Pasadena, CA 9/2018 - 12/2018 -

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    Vevey Hiking Backpack, 2015

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