Monse Alanis





Born in a border town, I saw life in a variety of perspectives, from rich, flourishing communities to neighborhoods impacted by violent cartel activity. Thankfully, I was sheltered by a family of architects where I was able to immerse myself in a world of art and design. Hours were spent in my grandmother's studio using one-of-a-kind Clara Porset furniture to build blanket forts. It was my playground then and it still is today.

I believe my work should create dialogue, peak curiosity and challenge the status quo. I want my designs to be emotional, bold and rebellious through a deep exploration of color, shape, and materials. I want to create well-designed furniture that lacks pretension and celebrates the rebellious nature in each one of us.

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    Instagram (@no.monse)
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    Estudio Persona
    Furniture Design Intern
    Oct 2018 – Dec 2018 - Los Angeles, CA.

    Under Armour
    Footwear Design Intern
    May 2017 – Aug 2017 - Baltimore, MD.

    Art Center College of Design
    Student Teaching Assistant
    Fall 2017 - Summer 2018 - Pasadena, CA

    WantedDesign NY x CENTRO
    Design Under Pressure program in Mexico City
    2018 -


    Art Center at Night
    Pasadena, CA
    , ,

    Pasadena City College
    Pasadena, CA
    , ,

    San Diego City College
    San Diego, CA
    , ,

    University of El Paso Texas
    Industrial Engineering studies
    El Paso, TX., ,

  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    TRXN, 2017


    IWF- International Woodworking Fair
    Finalist for the Design Emphasis competition
    In recognition of //Known Desk.
    Atlanta, 2018.

    Takifuji Arts Scholarship Award
    Nominee for the 39th Annual
    In recognition of Sombrero Lamp

    Core Strengths

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